Martijn Keijzer

Jantien Timmermans

Ruud Keijzer

Niels Kerkhoven

Windforce was founded in May 2009 by drummer, composer and manager Niels Kerkhoven. He was soon supported in this by Jantien Timmermans, the band’s keyboard player. Windforce is mainly active in the symphonic metal and -rock genre.

In the period of May – October 2012, the band worked on recording and producing their first EP. This was released the 14th of December 2012, named “Mindgames”. From the many positive reactions, the success of this EP was confirmed.

In January 2013, Windforce was featured in the radioshow “SymfoCity” on RTV Apeldoorn.

Near the summer of 2013, Windforce came in contact with Ruud Keijzer, Bassguitarist and Vocalist, and Martijn Keijzer, Guitarist. The bond that was forged between the four appeared to be a strong foundation for the band’s future.
Soon after, the band decided to continue on as a project band.
Their goal: Have fun in playing music. For the band, this has been a turning point. It opened a door to do more than simply rehearse and thinking about gigging.
The way was opened to make a dream come true: Producing a videoclip!

Several songs were already composed by Niels and one of these was chosen for this ambitious project: Project “Labyrinth” was born. Ruud, now co-composer and arranger for the band, fitted the song with orchestral and choir arrangements. This made “Labyrinth” a musically ‘mature’ song.

From that moment on, a lot of spare time has been put into the project to make it work.
One of these things is reaching out for co-operation from guest musicians.
Lucy Straates (A New Dawn), whom had already crossed paths with Windforce once before, took on “Labyrinth”‘s Lead Vocals and performed them in an astounding way.
Mark Kwint (Alvenrad) hopped onto the project with great enthousiasm and gave his own twist to the guitar parts, creating an awesome metal-sound as result.
The Solo Violin part was filled in by a good friend of ours, Inge van Veen, whose lyrical style further added to the song.
As a last moment’s call, Windforce met Popkoor PowerPop, who thought it would be amazing if they could take on the choir parts, resulting in an unexpectedly added, real choir sound. We are proud to have their voices in our final result.
Once again, collaboration with MilkMark Studio went smooth. Jeffrey Revet did a great job in recording the drums and re-amping the guitars. We are more than satisfied with the great job he did in mixing and mastering the song as well.

Another collaboration was found with “Studio Beeld&Co”. By setting up a learning project, we offered them the scenario and finally, happily, celebrated in a joined effort to make this work. With this dynamic production team, four days of shooting were done, something that was quite the fantastic experience for the band members, and some great footage was shot. During post-production and editing, the band was closesly involved and often found on the cutting floor. It was an awesome process.

The band succeeded in not only initiating, planning, producing and -now- releasing a video clip, but also managed to do so with a very tight budget. This could not have been done without the co-operation and great support of the many people and companies, to whom Windforce is eternally grateful.

“Labyrinth”, with it’s accompanying video clip, will be released Sunday, June 14th 2015.

Windforce hopes you will all love it as much as we do!

After June 14th, the band will take some time off and enjoy a well earned vacation. Meanwhile, new songs are continuously worked on and in September 2015, we will scout our possibilities with the intention of releasing our first full-length album.